Hybrid Cuteness

One of the April guests at ScrapMatters, Armina Designs, has this adorable pack in the store:

As soon as I saw it, it screamed “hybrid” to me! 😉
So I managed to squeeze in a couple of projects yesterday – I’m so glad I did, because they turned out super cute.
First, a set of bookmarks – I plan to give these to my parents. Lion for Mom and the zebra for Dad (his favorite team’s symbol is the zebra).

Papers from Animal Kingdom by Britt-ish Designs
Cute Clips 5 by Armina Designs

They’re double sided. Yep, I laminated them – my experience so far with bookmarks tells me that this is the best way to go. Mod Podge also works, but it stays sticky for a few weeks – not good for books that have shiny pages.
Then I also made a card (which was the first idea I had when I saw the product in the store):

Cute Clips 5 by Armina Designs
Stamp my ABCs by Britt-ish Designs
Font: Pea Olson

Most of my projects look better in real life than in picture, but this one especially! 🙁 I used crackle accents for the animals and mounted them on foam dots – they look really so cool, but you miss the dimension in the picture. Ah well…
I also completed the hybrid project for the May newsletter and I can’t wait to show that off – won’t be for a couple of weeks at least though. I haven’t taken pictures yet and I’m dreading it because I know it’ll be a pain to photograph. When DH saw it finished, he said he didn’t expect it to be so cute: and this is the highest compliment, for me! 😉 Sign up for the ScrapMatters newsletter if you haven’t already. 🙂

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