A Few More Pages

I have done some other pages this week, not with new releases, so let me show them off now.

Mom's Visit Day 6

June 2011 free template by Amy Martin
A Perfect Day by Kaye Winiecki and Studio Flergs
The Graduate by Lauren Reid and Emily Merritt
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

I am totally in love with that background paper!! Next, a page that made the gallery standouts at Me So Scrappy yesterday:

Mom's Visit Day 8: Always Love You

Sketchers: Lovestruck by CD Muckosky

*sigh* I have a crush on Jazzmin Designs. She has been guesting at The Lilypad for the past couple of months and her creations are just fantastic!

This month has been really great to get a good chunk of pages done on my mom’s visit. Howerver, I’m not even halfway through her visit at this point! Ugh! But I love every single page so far so even if I don’t finish scrapping every single picture or event, I have a pretty good coverage already.

Last Friday in June

Today’s the last Friday in June, so it’s the last new release day for my guest spot at The Lilypad. This has seriously been a fantastic month for me, I was so lucky to be a guest Polly! Without further ado, let me show you some of today’s releases. First off, this great patriotic kit by Kate Hadfield:

I’m also very happy that Kate is re-releasing one of my favorite alphas ever (it was included in her gorgeous Capture the Moment collab with Designs by Lili, now retired). And the great news is that you get it for free if you buy the kit!!

and my page:

Flag Day 2011

I asked you to let me take a picture of you with the US flag for my P365, and in addition to a more traditional pose, you also wanted to do this funny one. Of course this is the one that’s ending up in the scrapbook. 🙂 You’re such a goof!

Font: CK rugged

Next, a fabulous kit by Valorie Wibbens:

and the coolest template set by Emily Merritt:

This page came together in no time!

Mom's Visit Day 8: Flowers

I am so glad my mom got to see the tulips in bloom on this trip! All the past years she was too late to see them, but this year the timing was just right!

Dear Mom by Valorie Wibbens
Wet Paint Alpha by CD Muckosky
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

Finally, this great template pack by Amy Martin:

which I combined with a ton of June BYOC goodies.

Mom's Visit Day 6: Red Lobster

The food at Red Losbter is always lovely! It’s my mom’s favorite restaurant and it’s always fun to go eat there. Tonight DH and I shared a huge lobsterita. 🙂 Yum! Then, we went to hear Mozart’s clarinet concert, but the performance wasn’t too great…

Sunkissed: the element pack by Jazzmin Designs
Sunshine Days alpha by Designs by Lili
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a new set of scrap goodies! 😉

Tadpole Tuesday and Wibbit Wednesday

 Tuesday and Wednesday are two very special days at The Lilypad: on Tuesdays, new products are released on sale for only $1 (they remain on sale the following day too), while on Wednesdays some products are put on sale 50% off. So on Wednesdays you can take advantage of both these offers, which makes for some great deals! Here’s some of the products for sale this week. This paper pack is on sale for just $1:

And so are these awesome templates:

This element pack is 50% off:

I combined these products to make this page:


I’ve never been camping (nor do I wish to…) so I’ve never tried smores on the campfire, but I sure do love the microwaved version! It’s easy, quick, not messy: definitely my kind of a treat!

Some More Smores by Emily Merritt
Camp Out by Jacque Larsen
Aurora Alpha by Lauren Reid
Font: DJB Mandy

I love how it turned out! 🙂 Then there’s this great summer kit on sale 50% off:

And I made a summer page, of course! 🙂

A Good Summer
We’ve been really enjoying the patio furniture. I cannot believe we put off the purchase for so long! It’s nice to sit outside in the evening and enjoy the nice weather. It looks like it’s going to be a good summer!


Check out the Tadpole Tuesday and Wibbit Wednesday sections in the store to see more fabulous deals!

Super Friday!

I have a lot of fun products to show you today! Let’s start with a super collab between Ju Kneipp and Kaye Winiecki:

You can also find this at Oscraps and at The Lilypad. I thought I didn’t have any use for a superhero kit, but it turns out I had lot of fun making this page! 😉

Save the Day

My Hero by Ju Kneipp and Kaye Winiecki
Font: Jazz Text

Next, a gorgeous hand drawn element pack by CD Muckosky:

Of course this screamed “hybrid” to me, so I made a card using some other CD goodies:

I Quack You card

Meet the Chickie-Ds, World of Wonder Papers and Free Spirit Alpha by CD Muckosky

I gave the card to DH last Sunday and he loved it! He was really impressed at how realistic the alpha looks, and I was impressed that he even noticed, since he’s not usually very observant! 😉

Then there is collab by Lauren Reid and Emily Merritt that is so versatile and fun!

I really had fun making this page:

Next Time...

I have gotten two college degrees, a bachelor’s and a master, but I haven’t gotten to wear a cap yet. (No, the paper one my colleagues made me doesn’t count!) But next time, I will get one for sure! I can’t wait! 😉

The Graduate by Lauren Reid and Emily Merritt
Aurora Alpha by Lauren Reid
Font: DJB ChristineC

Finally, I fell in love with the colors of these papers and elements by Rachel Young:

I used them to scrap another page of my mom’s visit:

Mom's Visit Day 4: Tea

Lovely Papers and Lovely Elements by Rachek Young Designs
Paper Cuts alpha by Designs by Lili
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

and I have a matching page in the works. Have a great Friday!

New Week

I’ve had a rather productive weekend: I did a couple of hybrid projects, a couple of LOs and worked on my P365. I’m still working on catching up, but it looks like I can make it. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s the next page of my mom’s visit. I did this for one of the monthly challenges at The Lilypad (the scraplifting one) and I really love how it turned out!

Mom's Visit Day 3: Fun Times

Lift of daydreamer by Keela

The dinner at Max’s was extraordinary! We only decided to eat here because the location was convenient,
but I’m so glad we did! We’d only been here once a few years ago and it hadn’t impressed us, but today
was another story!We will be coming back for sure!

Fonts: Pea Pumpkin Peters, Traveling Typewriter

Come back tomorrow, I’ll have another page to share. 🙂

Finally Friday!

I have a ton of new pages to share today! All are made with gorgeous new releases at The Lilypad. Let’s start with a fun and colorful kit by Gina Miller:

Here’s my page:

Mom's Visit Day Three

I went to work today, while my mom and DH stayed home. Then tonight we went for an early dinner before heading to a free concert.

Blueprints #7-#12 and Fruit Punch by Gina Miller
Suzy-Q alpha by CD Muckosky
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

I also used these crazy templates by Amy Martin:

to make a matching page. Aren’t they super fun? 😉

Mom's Visit Day 3 (2)

Set Apart Templates by Amy Martin
Fruit Punch by Gina Miller
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

Next, a great sports pack by Kate Hadfield:

doodles by one of my favorite artists, CD Muckosky:

and one of my most used alphas:

I used them to scrap an old picture of my mom and I, and I LOVE how it turned out!

Little Player

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and me as a child. It was my first summer and we were in the mountains.

Background paper from Bundle Up by Kate Hadfield and SMJ Designs
School Sports by Kate Hadfield
Bubble Magic and Suzy-Q alpha by CD Muckosky
Blue and green papers from Around the World by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs
Alpha from Capture the Moment (sadly retired) by Kate Hadfield and Designs by Lili
Font: SS Whimsy

OK, almost done! Last are this pack of hand drawn by CD Muckosky:

and these colorful notes:

I love these colors!

Together We

Our fourth wedding anniversary fell on the Thursday before Memorial day, so we ended up spending a nice long weekend at home. Relaxing at home was what I needed after a crazy deadline at work!


Wibbit Wednesday

I am having SO much fun with my guest spot at The Lilypad. It’s been a week already and I’ve been averaging one page per day. Here’s my latest pages:

Mom's Visit Day 2: Ooooops

At the end of a very long day of shopping, we were browsing the Anthropologie store, one of my favorites spots on earth to spend an hour or two. We tried a few things on, and eventually picked a few things to buy. The store was about to close so we stood in line waiting for a register to check us out. Then finally last customer was done, but as I moved to let her pass… CRASH! My bag got caught into the baubles on display and a couple of little ceramic places fell. Got smashed. I wanted to disappear!! But the store gals were so nice about it: one of them immediately appeared with a broom and picked up the broken pieces in no time. We bought a hefty bag of stuff and were happy. I am still ashamed about it if I think about it, but I can survive. The most hilarious part of this story is that the display I bumped into said “SALE Items: here today, gone tomorrow” – and I certainly made sure they would be “gone tomorrow”!


These great Waterplay masks are on sale today for Wibbit Wednesday! They are super fun to use as masks for photographs or as brushes! This next page is my most recent favorite. I just love the bold doodled background and the alphas!

Mom's Visit Day 2: Everyone's Favorite

The creme brulee at the Bonefish Grill is always worth the trip!

Photo strip from Vintage Carnival by Sahlin Studio and Jenn Barrette
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

I have now completed two days of my mom’s trip. Slowly but surely! 🙂

June BYOC!

I’m so very excited to be guesting for The LilyPad this month! Look at the fabulous June BYOC goodies! They’re 20% off through the weekend

I had so much fun mixing all these goodies!!

Running Feels Good

I’ve never been a runner, and I still am not one, but last year we started running. We tried to do the Couch to 5k, and failed miserably in week 3. But this spring, we started running again. The weather was cool and just perfect. And while I cannot say I have started to truly enjoy running, it does feel good to run. I am actually disappointed it’s getting too hot for us to run outside.

Born to Run by Kate Hadfield
Sunshine Days alpha by Designs by Lili
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

Mom's Visit Day 2: Breakfast

Before heading to the outlet mall, we had breakfast at Starbucks.
{Me, toting my camera pretty much everywhere these days}

Land of Awesome papers and elements by The Tattered Pear
Doodled Alpha… Two Ways by Emily Merritt
Label It Up by Amy Martin
Fonts: Pea Pumpkin Peters, Pea Noodle’s Girlfriends

Mom's Visit Day 2: Yummy Treats

After the first round of shopping at the outlet, we headed to the mall and had a snack. We’d never eaten pretzels here and they were so so yummy!

Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

Well, yeah, it appears that I am into yellow/orange lately. 😉 I hadn’t realized I scrapped 3 pages with yellow/orange backgrounds until I saw them all together. 🙂

I felt a thrill when I spotted my pages in a few of the store previews. Best feeling ever!! It’s going to be a good month. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow to share two gorgeous new kits from two of my designers.