What a Scare!

Last night I finished working on my 2 pages for the May monthly summary. After saving them, I hit the Save for Web button and my Photoshop Elements crashed. Then, my computer crashed too, so I decided to go to bed. But this morning I had a horrible surprise: both my psd files were 10 MB of size and corrupted… :-S
After a few minutes of despair thinking I had to do both pages all over again, DH saved my day thanks to his backup system. He retrieved my files saved to almost the final version (I always save the file several times as I’m working on them and the final step that was missing in the backup version was only the addition of the flowers). So, I just added the flowers in again and my pages are safe and finished! Phew!!

Template by missrubikscube
Tropical Escape by Erica Zane and Mari Koegelenberg
Acrylic numbers from Hodge Podge 9 by Gina Marie Huff
Screws from Summer Fling by Britt-ish Designs
Font: Note this

I picked up this gorgeous collab by Erica Zane and Mari Koegelenberg at the 2 Dollar Tuesday at The DigiChick – what a steal! It’s such a gorgeous kit and I cannot wait to use more of it!!

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