A Well-Behaved Elf, Finally!

8 Days to Christmas.. Here are the latest Elf pictures!

Day 16

DH and I have recently bought a treadmill, but Jingle Ginger has no intention of using it! 🙂

Day 17

Reading his book with our little moose.

Day 18

This week our Elf has shown his crafty side! 🙂 He did do a bit of a mess initially to cut out his initials…

Day 19

But then he cut out some beautiful snowflakes! He must miss the snow from the North Pole..

Day 20

Isn’t he cute? Perhaps I should ask him if he wants to help me with my hybrid creations!

Day 21

And now he’s made a complete card! An elf after my own heart! <3 This past week he has behaved really well, it looks like we’ll have a smooth sail until Christmas. Or maybe not? 😉

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