December Daily 2017

Last year I didn’t make a December Daily album, because I was too busy. First Christmas in our new home, and my parents came to visit – it was a wonderful Christmas! So of course I want to document it after the fact. And now it is the time to make it happen!

For this year, I decided to use a passport traveler’s notebook. The individual pages are 4″x6″, which is a great size for hybrid.

The notebook cover is by Foxy Fix and it is just perfect for Christmas! It’s a single passport (size #1) in Sugar Coconut leather, with a gold embossed pine on the front.

I’m now halfway through making the pages (since it’s a traveler’s notebook, I need to work on the first days of the month alongside the last days, so I have days 1-10 and 26-31 done at the moment. :). I’ll be sharing a bunch of pages after the new Document Your December products get released at The Lilypad this Friday!

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