2017 Weekly Traveler’s Notebook – Catching Up

I haven’t posted my weekly traveler’s notebook spread in ages! The truth is I stopped documenting in this format over the summer, when some very stressful events, including a death in the family (my father-in-law), occurred. Then in the fall we moved and I have been super busy with life. But I love this form of documenting too much to quit, so I am now catching up. I also started documenting 2018 in that format, so keep an eye out for a post on what I’m using this year too. 🙂

OK, here we go – this is from July:

Most of the stamps I use are from Sakuralala – they are just perfect for the small TN format! She has put her shop on hold since her move to Japan, but I hope to see some new products soon, since they are always fantastic! In the meantime, I have no shortage of stamps among her earlier releases so I am really happy to work on these spreads. Luckily I am keeping daily journaling in my Hobonichi so it’s very easy to remember the events I need to include.

I also use stamps and stickers and other things from Studio Calico – mainly from their Planner and Documenter kits.

Each week I start from a roll of washi tape from my stash, and that is the starting point for my color scheme.

This process is so much fun, and I love that each week can be totally different from the previous one. Each week I fall in love with what I am creating, and I feel like it’s my favorite ever. 🙂

This was the week my father-in-law got diagnosed with cancer… I couldn’t embellish this week as usual, so I went with a black&white scheme.

As you can see in this photo, I use pigment inks for all of my stamping since it has the least bleeding; I love these little VersaCraft cubes and own 35 colors of them. 🙂 I also use Distress Oxide inks quite a lot (they are a hybrid of dye and pigment, and ghost just a bit more than straight pigment inks), but I love the colors too much – the only issue I have is that they take longer to dry, so I often end up smudging them because I forget to let them dry! 🙂

This week I went a bit crazy with tape and stickers, so I kept the stamping at a minimum. 🙂

And that’s where I am at right now. I caught up 5 weeks this week so I am happy, but this has brought me to the end of August, so I have 4 months to go still!

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