Anniversary Week – Day 2

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Today I am sharing some inspiration to document the big milestones. The tips from yesterday (let the photographs speak, feature the numbers, and tell the story)  apply to these pages as well.

One Photo Per Year

My first tip is to include a photo for each of the years. In this page I made to celebrate ten years with my husband I included a photo from each year we were together, and numbered them.

I wanted to use pictures taken roughly one year apart, but I didn’t have them, so you will note pictures taken both in winter and summertime. It was very hard to find a photo of the two of us together during those first few years – that was long before my scrapbooking days begun! Now, I make sure to take a picture of us at least once per month.

A grid design is also a great idea for this type of pages. Here’s one I made that also features the numbers prominently.

Then and Now

Another idea is to feature a picture from your first year together, and the most recent photo.

Come back tomorrow for some anniversary card inspiration!

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