Foxy Fix Moccasin Sandstone

Nearly a month ago I received my latest Foxy Fix notebook cover. And it is my absolute favorite!!
Unlike my previous 3 covers, which were couture with pockets, this one is a single, #3 size, with stitching and gold foil embossing on the spine.

Here is the inside:

The single notebook cover comes with only one elastic, but they also sent me a jump band that I can use to fit two additional notebooks.

The moccasin leather is super soft, and I couldn’t love this notebook more! It’s also a great size –  it’s size #3, which is A6.
Here’s my round up of Foxy Fix notebooks:

Left to right: #6 Sugar Grapefruit, #3 Mocassin Sandstone, #1 Mocassin Tiger Lily, #0 Sugar Lemon Drop (this color is discontinued).

I use the #1 as my wallet, and the #0 to hold loyalty cards, etc. The #3 holds a notebook for everyday notes. And the #6 is holds my traveler’s notebook inserts.

All notebooks except the Moccasin Sandstone are couture (i.e., they hold 4+ inserts, and come with reinforced spine for these leathers). I love that look, but I found out that the couture is a tad too big for my taste – the single size suits me much better!

I chose foil embossing on the spine of all my notebooks: gold on all, except for the Tiger Lily, which has silver.
If you want to make a purchase at Foxy Fix, you will get 10% off your first order (above $50) if you use my referral link.
I haven’t decided yet what my next Foxy Fix purchase will be, but I am eyeing a Moccasin Raven (black) – even though I always opt for color, the softness of the Moccasin leather may push me over. And today, Foxy Fix launched ring planners!  So many pretty options!

And you can read about & see more pictures of my first purchase (#0 and #1 sizes) here, and my second purchase (#6 size) here.

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