Kill My Studio Calico Kit: March – Homespun

Hello and welcome back for another month of Kill My Studio Calico Kit! This is the 9th installment of this series, and in total I have made a whopping (112) layouts. Yay me!
This month I bought the Studio Calico scrapbook main kit, Homespun ($34.99). I also got the Asia stamp and die.

Notes:  I have to be honest. I did not like the look of the kit, and even in person it didn’t speak to me. Hence, it has been sitting there for the past 5 months. I think the problem was that the side A of the papers didn’t appeal to me, yet once I got myself to use it, I found that the side B was much more to my taste. Once I started using the kit, I got into the groove and, while it’s still probably my least favorite kit ever, I love the pages I made. Also, the silkscreen is really cool, I love it! And the alpha is awesome, there are so many letters!

Kill my Studio Calico kit is a monthly series I started on my blog to hold myself accountable and use up my kits. You can subscribe to the Studio Calico Scrapbook kit here.

Status: killed!
I made 9 layouts (1 12″x12″, 8 9″x12″), for a total of $34.99, or $3.89/page. I supplemented the kit with several embellishments from my stash, since I really need to put a dent in it. I also used some stamps and cardstock for a couple pages. Here’s a roundup of all the pages I made:

And here is what I have left:

Leftovers: the kit is most certainly killed. I have some seasonal items leftover (the wooden “March” and the March transparency, which I likely will use in next year’s Project Life album. I also  still have lots of letters left.

And here’s a roundup of all the projects I made:

And here they are, one by one.

I made this page as soon as I got the kit, and I love it! I only used the silkscreen+paint, alpha stickers, puffy stickers and stamp from the kit. The papers were from my stash, and the flowers are by Wilna Furstenberg. Anyway, I love love love how the page turned out. Alas, after this the kit just sat there, until this week. 🙂 What is really sad is that even though I made this page 5 months ago, I am in the exact same spot at the moment – sigh…
Anyway, the remaining pages were all made this week. I decided to make 9″x12″ layouts for my travel album, and I think this kit was a great fit for these photos. I also used several sketches from the Summer of Sketches class that is going on at Studio Calico (enrollment is closed). I don’t have a particular plan for the album because I already documented this trip in detail in last year’s Project Life album, but since it was the trip of a lifetime and I took hundreds of photos that I love, I have plenty of stories to document in this format.
At first I wasn’t sure how to use the rubber animals in the kit, but then I realized I had the perfect way to use the sheep for this title page in my travel album. 🙂 I also used the Asia craft die and the mega date stamp.
The quilt paper was my least favorite in the kit, but it grew on me a bit; here, I used it for the background and covered it up with the vellum, and also added some foam dots in between to make the background even fainter. I love the end result! Then I piled on the embellishments – all from my stash except for the rubber animals, which I thought worked great on this page about food. 🙂
I love the colors of this page! (the blue embellishments and the “adventure” stamp are from my stash). This wood paper was my favorite this month.
On this page I documented a few of my breakfasts on this trip. I created a grid using some patterned paper and the transparencies that are in the kit. The fabric patch and vellum alpha are from my stash. I also used embellishments from the Finch add on.

I used the silkscreen on a piece of the gray cardstock with two shades of green paint. This screen is very sticky so it tore off some of the cardstock, but I covered it up with the kraft sticker. I added a few embellishments from the Finch add on and from my stash.

I had fun making this page. I used the transparencies to ground my photos.

I love how this page turned out! I used a journaling card (which I punched out and cut up) and some stickers from the Pocket documenter add on.

And here is the last page I made to use up the last few scraps (background cardstock is from my stash). This page didn’t photograph very well, but I love how it turned out. I used some trim from my stash to match the colors in the photos. I used the silkscreen on vellum (which works well because it’s very slick so the screen doesn’t stick too much) with silver paint. Those transparencies from the kit went a long way, I loved using them!

And that’s it for this month! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and let me know!

You can subscribe to the Studio Calico Scrapbook kit here.

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