Traveler’s Notebook Documentation – How to Get Started

It’s been a while since I posted about the new form of documentation I have become obsessed with over the past four months. 🙂 Seriously, I am so in love with traveler’s notebooks!
When I was starting out, I searched the internet for suggestions and tips on what supplies to get to get started, but didn’t really find all the information in one place. So now that I’ve been at this form of documentation for over four month, I thought I’d post a recap of my tried and true supplies, so if you’re also looking to get started you’ll see what worked for me.

I use a weekly format for daily documentation, and a monthly format to have all events at a glance (trips, dinners out, doctor’s appointments, birthdays, etc.).

My Favorite Supplies
Notebook Inserts and Cover
I use weekly and monthly inserts by Midori, and a Webster’s Pages notebook cover.

You can fit four notebook inserts in the Webster’s Pages notebook cover. The inserts come either dated or undated. I started in March with the undated weekly memo format, which I used happily for 15 weeks. I called this “horizontal” because the days are in horizontal blocks.

Then, I recently switched to the dated diary weekly insert, which is vertical. (I couldn’t find the 2016 version online at my usual shopping places, so I am linking you up to the undated version instead).

I am only 3 weeks into using the vertical format so I cannot pick a favorite between the horizontal and vertical formats yet… I love the horizontal very much, but I am warming up to the vertical format. Stay posted for a comparison once I’ve used the vertical insert more. 🙂
One thing I did enjoy and I miss in the dated version is stamping the days in the undated insert.

I mostly use Hi-Tec C pens for journaling (I love the fine tip!), but Le Pen pens also work great, even though they are a bit thicker.

Gotta have stamps!! I mostly use stamps by Studio Calico and Sakuralala – I love that they are made especially for planners/traveler’s notebooks so will fit perfectly the small daily boxes. I love using stamps to tell my story!

I use pigment ink exclusively (I love dye ink in general but it will bleed to the back page). I use either VersaCraft or Color Theory inks. I love that both kinds come in bright colors.

Washi Tape
I love using washi tape as a starting point to pick the color scheme for the spread! In a few short months, I have amassed quite the collection, and I am showing no signs of stopping! 🙂
My favorite places to shop are Amazon (check out my latest buy) and Sakuralala, but I also occasionally shop on Etsy.

I occasionally add stickers to my spreads, almost exclusively from the Studio Calico planner kits. OK, and now here are two examples of my documentation in traveler’s notebooks.

Weekly Documentation

The journaling here was done with a gray Le Pen.
In this weekly memo format I typically journal my daily documentation on the left, and use the right side to add photos and/or general observations about the week. In this particular week we were traveling so I added a lot more photos than I normally do (1-2).
The washi tape and the chipboard embellishment are from the Finch add on. I also used several phrases from the Summer Vacation stamp set, as well as the  Urban Summer stamp. The “hot” and “humid” weather stamps are from the Patch planner add on kit.

Month at-a-glance

I used a  Hi-Tec C pen for the journaling. The “love this life” stamp is from the  from the Finch add on kit, and the “slow down” is from the Annette add on kit. Other stamps used: Urban Summer; Let’s Chill; Summer Vacation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Are you a traveler’s notebook fan or a newbie? Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

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