Washi Tape Obsession

Washi tape is one of my latest obsessions. I got many of my favorites from Sakuralala (who by the way is having a 25% off sale through Monday!!), but recently I placed an order from Amazon and I am so giddy with what I got that I just had to share!

Some of these rolls came in a set of 3, but I linked them all here:

The main reason I placed this order was for the MT book washi and the MT skinny tapes, but while I was at it I decided to try these other tapes by Shinzi Katoh that are new to me.
I love using these tapes in my traveler’s notebooks, but I also use them on my scrapbook pages (I will be sharing some examples soon). I just had to have the one that looks like Little Red Riding Hood since it was my favorite fairytale as a child! 🙂

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