Sketch Your World – Week 1

I have been working entirely from home since my surgery, but this week I had two full days of meetings (yesterday and today) and went to the office. Ouch, it was definitely too much for me! I had been feeling great up to that point, but I overdid it for sure. I will be taking it easy until Monday now. So other than resting up, I haven’t done much this week.. but I did do my first homework in the Sketch Your World class that started this week at Studio Calico.

I took out all my pens, and started out my new sketchbook by testing them out. I also tried watercoloring in the book since it’s not a watercolor album and I wanted to see how it holds up – it warped some, but I think I can live with it for this class.

Here’s the list of pens I used:
Micron 03
Faber Castell Pitt
Precision Pen 01
Sharpie Fine
Uni-ball vision micro
Fude Ball 1.5

I have a love/hate relationship with Micron – I used to love it for journaling in my Project Life, until I found the Precision Pen and my favorite pen ever – the Uni-ball vision micro.  I struggle with finding the right angle to use the micron..
The Faber Castell Pitt is a nice set – it comes in a set of 4 that also includes a brush pen, which I really like.
The Sharpie Fine is another reliable pen I like a lot.
The Fude Ball is apparently great to write on paint / mixed media. I haven’t used it much yet but it does seem to write very smoothly. It is quite thick though, so I stick to my Uni-ball most of the time.

I’m excited to move on to next week’s class! If you want to join, you have time until February 15th to sign up. Hope to see you in class!

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