Foiling: My New Obsession

Once again I am late jumping on the latest trend – foiling.. which has been big for over a year now, thanks to the Minc foiling machine by Heidi Swapp. This time, I have a good reason for being late trying this technique – I don’t have a laser printer, which is needed for this method. But I finally tried it out, since I had all the rest of the supplies. Rather than the Minc, I used my old Scotch laminator, and it did the job just fine. Funny thing is, the laminator was a Valentine’s day gift from DH several years ago, and I have used very little of it as a laminator. But something tells me it’s going to get quite a work out now.
If I hadn’t had a laminator already, I probably would have gotten the Minc – it’s a great machine and will get you consistent results.

In my first attempt, I printed out 4 pages of letter sized paper using digital designs, mostly from Studio Calico. Here is the one that had me giddy with delight as I peeled off the foil – I seriously couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with such a large amount of foiling… but I was impressed!

The birthday card is a printable from Studio Calico. I used the Minc gold foil for this one. And the design was printed on cheap, lightweight copy paper, but the foiling turned out great! So my next step is to buy a laser printer, so that I can print at home on thicker paper. Think of all the possibilities!

And as a bonus, you can use the negative part too! That will make another nice card!
So my verdict is: thumbs of for foiling! Seriously, so many possibilities! The only problem is that these foiled pieces are tricky to photograph.. they look so much better in person!

Oh and one last thing – today is the last day to grab this fabulous digital card design from Studio Calico, so don’t miss out – it’s a good one!

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