December Daily 2015 Recap

One more December Daily post for the year.. a recap of my 2015 album. This is my 6th year completing a December Daily album, and the first time I’ve bought a DD kit.

I have to say that using the kit and a mini kit add on really made it easy to put the album together without losing too much time digging through my stash. The spine of the album I chose was pretty thick, yet I was surprised that I ended filling it all up!
Most of my spreads are dedicated to a single day, with just a few instances of 2 days combined in one spread.

I also loved the approach I took this year, inspired by Ali Edwards, to focus more on the stories rather than making sure to have one Christmas-related photo per day. This has been incredibly freeing!

I had a lot of content of the kit and mini kit leftover, especially papers, so after finishing up my 2015 album on the 26th, I powered through and got my 2014 album finished too.
Last year, my December Daily album got halted by a work emergency that occurred mid-month, and after December I just didn’t feel like going back to my album, which sat unfinished, with only days 1-7 completed.
But this year, after completing the 2015 album, I felt on a roll, and I was inspired to use the new supplies from this year on last year’s album.

And here’s a look at all six of my December Daily albums.

Thanks for following me on my December Daily journey this year!
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