I Am Thankful For…

I love how Ali Edwards’s scrapbooking style is focused on telling stories. She is a huge inspiration for me, especially as I am tackling Week in the Life for my first time this year. A lot of her products are also perfect to tell the story. Like this brush set, for example..


I used Ali’s digital brushes to create my journaling prompts.

I had so much fun filling in the digital prompts with stickers!
In other news, this page was all about things I am thankful for in the fall, but it looks like our winter is coming early this year.. It snowed here today. Not enough to stick to the ground, but it stuck to trees all right. I ventured out this morning to take these pictures of my layout on the porch, but that won’t be happening for a while now. Sigh.. it’s so hard to take decent picture in winter!

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