Neon Crush

There’s a new collection in the store at Digital Design Essentials.. and it’s a super fun one! I love the neon look but I find it’s not easy to pull off on a page.. however, with this collection, I was able to put together two pages in no time, and I have a 3rd one coming!


Everything is 20% off right now so you should snag it right away!
For my first page, I had a completely different look+topic in mind, but when I pulled out that awesome journaling card, I was hooked and had to make this page instead! 😉

Neon Crush journaling cards, Neon Love paper pack, Label Crush and washi tape from Instax Crush by Digital Design Essentials
Fonts: Strangelove, Teletype

I LOVE how it turned out, and I got a gallery standout too! 😉  For my second page, I went with a monochromatic look.

Font: Teletype

I thought the hot pink matched really well the cheesiness of this page. 🙂 I’ll be back soon to share my third page. 😉

ETA 3/12: here’s the last page I made!

Font: The Damsel Series by Valorie Wibbens and Heather Joyce

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