Hearts Garland

Yikes! I spent the whole morning helping out DH fixing some cabinets in the kitchen to the wall, and I was itching for some crafty time instead! I still have to begin my Project Life spread for this week… In the meantime, though, I made a heart garland with Jenn Barrette’s new kit, out today:

I printed out 8 different patterned paper on Epson double-sided matte presentation paper, cut out some hearts by hand, and sew them together with my sewing machine.

Hearts Garland

It turned out so cute!! I made 6 strands of 8 hearts each. The only problem is that they tangle easily, so you need to keep the strands separate once you’ve made them. I hung 3 to the new cabinet in the kitchen, and I will probably put the other 3 on my bulletin board.

When I have some spare time (yeah, sure…. ;)) I plan to punch out a few shapes from double sided paper and create garlands to use to decorate gifts.

With the paper leftovers, I made some confetti.. and I feel an addiction growing! I will likely find an use for them in my Project Life album.

ETA 2.4 – This project was featured in the MSA magazine.

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