Project Life – Washi Tape

***warning – serious washi tape enabling ahead! Proceed with caution!***

For many months, I occasionally browsed the online shops and Etsy, looking for washi tape. I often saw some pretty rolls that I wanted, but I never took the plunge to buy anything. Until this past Thursday, when my washi obsession took on a whole new level. I found this Etsy shop through a scrapper’s blog, and I felt I needed to get me some tape for my Project Life album. I compiled an essential list of the tapes I couldn’t pass on, and it amounted to thirteen (13!). So, since I felt incredibly guilty about spending $60 on washi tape, I went to DH and asked him what he wanted for Valentine’s Day (we usually exchange gifts). He said he didn’t want anything, but (just as I’d planned!) he proceeded to ask me what I wanted – and I nonchalantly handed him over my little list of thirteen tapes. Since he is pretty awesome in letting me buy what I want, he told me to proceed with the purchase, which I promptly did. Somehow, though, when I added the rolls to my cart, I had to add a fourteenth… πŸ˜‰ There was a pretty purple tape that I just had to have. And I mean, when you’re buying 13 rolls of washi tape, what’s to stop you from getting 14 instead?

Anyway, I am writing this post because I was greatly impressed by the excellent service of this Etsy shop, InTheClear, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is developing an obsession with washi tape. I placed my order on Thursday early afternoon; she processed the order immediately, refunded me $5 for overshipping, and put my tape in the mail right away. On Saturday, I had the package in my hands already! Each roll of tape was wrapped individually in a clear plastic bag and packaged in the most adorable little kraft box. She included a darling thank you note and a cool 2012 calendar too! She put in the bag a print out of my order with pictures of the tape I had ordered so I could easily check that everything was there. And since one of the tapes I had ordered seemed damaged (the roll is not perfectly uniform, but it’s still totally usable), she added in another extra one. And as fate has it, the ‘damaged’ tape was the purple one I had added last minute – when I added it, I debated quite a bit between two beautiful floral purple tapes, and I was lucky to end up getting both for the price of one! OK, enough talking, it’s time for some pictures! Here’s what I got:

Project Life 2012 - Washi

Be on the lookout to see these pretty tapes in my album soon! πŸ˜‰

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  1. you little enabling devil!!! i have a soft spot for washi tape. i haven't bought any in a while because i have like 10 rolls sitting on my desk already. now i want some moooooorrreeee!!!!

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