Goodbye ScrapMatters!

After many years, it is time for me to say goodbye to ScrapMatters. It has been my digi home for three years so allow me to reminisce a bit. 🙂 I have been on the CT there for over two years, and the hybrid CT leader for almost two years. Yes, it has been a very long love affair. I did my very first speed scrap at ScrapMatters. I still remember the summer of 2008, when the site reopened with lots of games and prizes during the Olympic Games, and I was instantly hooked. The community at ScrapMatters has always been friendly and supportive, and I felt at home right away. I got into hybrid because of the It’s In the Cards challenges there, in October 2008 – I fell in love with hybrid and the rest is history! I won a guest spot on the CT by finishing in the top posters for Queen of Scrap in 2009; during my guest spot I applied to the hybrid creative team call and got accepted, thanks to Kari’s (then hybrid CT leader) and the other hybrid designers’ support; a few months later Kari left to be a designer at Jessica Sprague’s shop, and I was asked to be the hybrid CT leader. In my role as hybrid CT leader I met my best digi friend, Kim (kimbytx), who was asked around the same time to become digi CT leader. Kim and I have been through a lot together: CT calls, designer assignments, and much more. I have met so many good friends during my time at ScrapMatters, and have been endlessly inspired by incredibly talented scrappers – I am especially in awe of the rockin’ hybrid girls! I hope to have inspired people with the monthly hybrid tutorials I wrote for the newsletter first, then for the quarterly magazine. I met many of my all-time favorite designers at ScrapMatters, some of whom have asked me to be on their CT (Jenn and Krista, I wub you!!). I value tremendously the opportunity to work with the newsletter team – such a talented bunch of ladies! It was a pleasure to collaborate with so many wonderful people and I will be forever grateful for being part of the team at ScrapMatters. It is now time for me to move on, but I will carry these special memories in my heart.

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