Do You LOVE Books?

There’s a gorgeous new collab in the ScrapMatters store today, from two of the April guest designers, Eva Kipler and Kate Hadfield.

I absolutely adore Kate’s doodles, and these will be so perfect for many pages! Bottle + glass of wine: check! Chocolate bar: check! Camera: check! Laptop: check! And so much more! But today I started by doing a page about my love for books. It sounds a bit stupid, but I had this big revelation a few weeks ago, and I wanted to document it. I had never thought about it, but DH is not a book lover. And this was quite a shock to me, since I have been raised up with love and books. 🙂

A Lifelong Love Affair

It’s funny: I’ve known DH for almost 12 years, but I’ve only just realized that he doesn’t LOVE reading. Sure, he likes it, but he’s not crazy obsessed like me. I have always loved books. It started in kindergarten and grade school (I loved Spot’s books and Roald Dahl’s)and I really never stopped. My mom was just like me, and I never realized before that there are people who aren’t like that. Of course, I know people who never read, like my grandma, or are intermittent, slow readers, like my dad and DH, but I never filled the dots. Anyway, we were out for dinner a couple of weeks ago, when I started telling him once more how he should really read a book that I loved, when I finally got it: he doesn’t love to read. So I asked him if he liked to read as a kid, and he said he hated it! That’s when I finally understood how blessed I am to have this passion. I couldn’t live without books. Every few weeks or so, I feel the physical need to go to the bookstore to pick up a new book or two, and dream on…

Me, Myself and I by Eva Kipler and Kate Hadfield
Math’s Class Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Font: JH Kari

I also plan to make a little hybrid notebook with this kit to record my reads (I am a bit of a control freak at times 😉 ) but it might not be for a while, with all the other stuff I should be doing first. 🙂 This will be a busy weekend. We’ve invited a friend over for Easter and it’s the last weekend before my mom comes to visit (yay!). I am quite pleased with how this week went. Work-wise, I got a paper accepted in a journal, and two other papers accepted at a conference (earning me a trip to the West Coast this summer); scrap-wise, I made some good progress on my P365. Instead of finishing up one week at a time, I’ve decided to go ahead and get the journaling and photo selection and editing first, while my recollections are more fresh. I’ve done 4 weeks’ worth of pages this way already! I’m still only up to April 10 though, so more intense catching up is needed.

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