I cannot believe it! I was picked as one of the finalists of the Scrap Your Freakin’ Heart Out contest at the LilyPad.

I entered 2 LOs for this week, and what is most surprising to me is that I won with the one that received only very few comments in the gallery (the other one had literally 10x more comments!).

I know I don’t have a shot at the grand prize (sigh…) because the other two finalists in the Design category have made fabulous pages that really deserve to win, so I need to come to terms with the fact that I won’t get a guest spot at the store. 🙁 But winning that $30 gift card is pretty awesome, considering the incredible talent that I ‘competed’ against! Pinch me, I cannot believe it! 😉 And I’m super excited to be going shopping soon!! 😀

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