We Have a Pumpkin!

We’ve been in this country 3 years and we’ve yet to carve a pumpkin. :/
Three years ago, DH was out of the country (for a 5 week trip nonetheless!) during Halloween. Two years ago, we went to a tea party at which they showed us how cool it was to carve your own pumpkin and we promised “we’ll carve a pumpkin next year!”. Last year, DH was busybusybusy so by the time we got around to looking for a pumpkin (Oct. 30th or thereabouts) they were all sold out. But this year, we made it! We secured our pumpkin! Now, I don’t know if we will actually get around to carving it, but at least it’s a step forward, right? 😀

Background paper from Hoo-hoo-hoo by Karah Fredricks
Foam Stamp Alpha Black by Sahlin Studio
Alpha from Around the World by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs
Stripey Line Alpha by Kaye Winiecki
Doodled pumpkin from A Day of Giving by Valorie Wibbens
Other pumpkin (used also for photo mat and frame) from Halloween Goodies by Britt-ish Designs
Heart from Cottage Garden by Kaye Winiecki
Font: Traveling Typewriter and Pea Olson

I only accomplished about half of the stuff I’d been meaning to do this weekend. :-/
On the plus side: got a much needed haircut; came to the lab to take some pictures I need for a presentation; did the above LO; started the hybrid project for the Nov. ScrapMatters newsletter.
On the minus side: not finished the hybrid project for the Nov. ScrapMatters newsletter; not finished the 2011 calendar I need to get printed soon so it can get here in time for Christmas; not done a hybrid card I was hoping to squeeze in.
Why are weekends never long enough??

Anyway, I have some very very exciting news I’m really giddy about. I should be able to spill the beans soon! Stay tuned! 😉

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