Yay Me!

This week has been very rewarding for me scrapping-wise! It started off Monday when 2 (yes, two!) of my LOs were featured on the Daily Digi blog (this and this page): thanks to my friend Sunghee for letting me know!! ;). And then today I got a GSO on the GalleryStandouts blog for this page!

Houses and tree from Get a Move on by the ScrapMatters Design Team
Paper from Background Essentials by Jennifer Barrette
Leaves from Midnight Crow by Chelle’s Creations
Snow from Feeling Frosty by Jennifer Barrette Designs
Grass from Totally Buggin’ by Britt-ish Designs and Mira Designs
Free Spirit alpha by CD Muckosky
Font: SS Whimsy

I am having another super crazy week at work (just sneaking in 10 minutes to write this post) and absolutely no free time. I had the idea for this page Sunday night and had been dying to scrap it since then! I’m off to a conference tomorrow and flying back next Sunday so I am doubly glad I squeezed in this page last night in half an hour between the laundry and dinner. 🙂
So I guess you want to hear more about the story? 😉 Well, our neighbor is a bit OCD about mowing his lawn. He mows it twice a week, which really is a bit too often. Of course, DH is quite the opposite: he mows it every 2 weeks, which is not quite often enough. ðŸ™‚ But our neighbor is so obsessive about his lawn that if my husband mows our lawn, than you can rest assured that the following day our neighbor will mow his, regardless of how tall his grass is. Anyway, Sunday we got home after Church and saw that our neighbor was mowing the lawn and had blown the leaves in our front lawn into a nice pile. He doesn’t have trees in the front, so all the leaves were coming from our trees. Since this was a pretty obvious hint, and since most of the work had been done already and all that was left to do was bag the leaves, I tried to convince DH to do it together. But he wouldn’t budge so I gave up – I wasn’t going to do it on my own. A couple hours later, said neighbor rang at the door: he said he had filled a couple bags with our leaves since he was already working in the garden and it didn’t take him long.
Now, seriously, this was embarassing. My husband even told him that he had been too busy to take care of it because he was leaving this week – but in fact he’s home all week! ðŸ™‚
But thinking back at it, this guy is really a bit weird for doing that! What do you think?
I have to add that their house is for sale so he obviously wants to make a good impression, but hey, it’s autumn, and leaves do fall. We already have a lot that have fallen since.
Anyway, that’s our story! 🙂

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