We went to the zoo this weekend and I took a gazillion pictures! Seriously, I only brought 1 memory card because I didn’t want to take too many pictures, but I still filled it up and came home with 402 pics!! How am I ever going to scrap them all?!? 😉 Anyway, we had lots of fun and were super lucky with the weather too: it was cloudy, so we enjoyed the cool air and only very few people were there!
I already did 2 pages but I can show only this one for now:

Kicking up the Leaves kit and little seeds kit by Gina Marie Huff
Fonts: JH Cristina and JH Cristina Doodly by Jeni Hopewell Designs

(the order in which I’m scrapping these is completely random so bear with me! 😉 Hopefully some day I’ll have filled in all the gaps!)

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