The Final Round

The final week of the CT contest at ScrapOrchard has arrived and I must say I’m glad it’s over. It was tiring and nerve wracking, especially because I had to work on the assignments during the week, and with work and DH I was always worried I might not have time to do my best. Anyway, I posted my last page yesterday morning, and now I only have to wait until next Monday, when they announce the winners.

Lavender Morning by Lyndsay Riches, Megan Turnidge, Tracie Stroud and Wild Dandelions
Fonts: My Own Topher, Pea Stacy Fancy, Pea Stacy Doodle Script, Pea Olson

I don’t love this page as much as the others I did for the contest.. I spent more time on it than I did on the others, too! 🙂 I think because for the other weeks I had to stretch my creativity more, because I had to use kits I don’t usually scrap with, so I ended up with pages that were totally me but not my usual pages at the same time.
The gallery is bursting with talent so I don’t think I’ll make it, but I had a blast throughout the contest and I got to try out my style with fantasy kits too.

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