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The month-long Queen of Scrap competition at ScrapMatters is over and now we only need to wait for the final result (the SM team will cast a vote on who deserves to be the Queen of Scrap among the 10 top posters).
The top poster totalled a whopping 260 LOs, earning a $50 gift card to the shop, while the top 10 posters (all above 133 LOs) have a chance to win the coveted title of Queen (3 month guest spot in the CT) or the 2 minor titles of Princess (1 month guest spot).
After having to catch up for the whole month, I managed to end up in 8th place, with 137 LOs. My personal record, and even though I never set a goal for this month, I never would have imagined I could do so much! Yesterday I did 27 pages. Amazing!

This month has been great and even though I was a bit tired this last weekend, I didn’t lose much sleep or any family moments: I was “lucky” my husband was out of town for 2 weeks in the middle of the month so I concentrated most of my LOs during that time.

Highlights of the month: I love all the pages I did (OK, there’s maybe 2 I’m not 100% happy with, but out of 137..!), I’m all caught up with Project 365, I got into Amy Sumrall’s CT, I completed many stand-alone projects that I hope to get printed soon, I had fun chatting with the other competitors, I blogged all the pages I did throughout the month (still have to post the final weekend but it will be here soon!)..

A great month, but I hope I win a spot because I don’t know if I can scrap this much again next year for the next QoS competition! 😉

I’ll post this weekend’s LOs as soon as I can, but there’s a lot and it will take me some time to gather them all. 🙂

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