Christmas Tag/Ornament

I did another Christmas hybrid goodie for a challenge at Sugarplum Paperie on personalized treats.
I created a star tag that can be used to accompany some cookies and then can be used as a Christmas ornament.
The only problem is, it took me forever to assemble it!!!!!!!! 🙂
I printed the star shape twice on normal paper (so the ornament is double-sided) and I took a piece of cardboard from a frozen pizza box (I peeled off the printed part so it wouldn’t show under my star paper).
The cutting process, however, was painstaking, because I wanted to make sure no cardboard could be seen. I wish I found a quick way to accomplish this step! 🙂
I used mainly scissors, and occasionally the craft knife to trim the inner angles.
Anyway, once I cutted everything nicely
I glued the paper to the cardboard with my loyal Mod Podge.
While it dried, I resorted to make a hole so the star could be hung. Since I have no paper scrapbooking experience, I don’t have any fancy instruments either (no cute hole punches for me..), so I simply used the 3-hole punch I use for school. This took me some extra time because I wanted to make sure I centered the hole properly on the star. Luckily, no damage occurred!
Finally, I brushed the star with Mod Podge for finish. The tag can be tied with a ribbon to a bag of cookies (I didn’t have a bag sorry!) and once the cookies are eaten it can turn into a nice Christmas ornament:
I really love the final result!

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