One month to Christmas!

Wow: -1 month to Christmas! I’m so excited!!

I’m actually happy Thanksgiving is almost here, so this means I can put up the Christmas decorations soon! 😉
I finished the calendar! Here’s the cover I prepared.


Welcome home by Erica Zane

Funky Stems by Britt-ish Designs

Today however was a pretty bad day for us! We had a (minor) car accident: DH was driving, and an elderly lady backed up from a driveway directly into our car!! 🙁
Luckily, the damage is minor (we are so glad she didn’t hit the side of the car, but only the fender), and our car is really old, but still we were so upset!
Tomorrow is DH’s birthday!! I did a card tonight but it didn’t really turn out very well.. :-S I’ll post pics tomorrow!

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