Wordart, Bad News and Indiana Jones

I was reading a few blogs this morning and on Misty Cato’s blog (great for tutorials too, you can find in in my favorite blogs’ list on the right) I found out about this funny website, Wordle, that creates a word composition with the words you input. I inserted my blog and here’s what came out.

And now the bad news: they didn’t take me for ScrapMatters’ CT call.. I was quite disappointed because although when I applied I realistically knew they would have a lot more talented scrappers to choose among, since it took so long to get the answer (9 looong days) my hopes inevitably went up.
Anyway, they have a brand new CT there (although I’m thrilled to see some names of the previous CT still there!) and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

We went to see the latest Indiana Jones yesterday night. I thought it was fun; my husband said it made too much fun of itself.. Anyway, I’m happy they did it.

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