Anniversary Week – Day 5

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Welcome to the last day of this Anniversary Week! Today I am sharing some ideas for anniversary gifts.

Some of these projects don’t require photos, and others do, so you can pick the project based off of what you have available.

Let’s start with a photo-less project. Here is a set of personalized coasters I made. I bought the tiles at Lowe’s and covered them up with different digital papers.

Last year my in-laws’ celebrated their 50th anniversary, so I collected a bunch of photos from their family and friends and made a photo collage. We had it printed and framed for them. They loved it!

Next, I want to share two frames I decorated. These make a great gift too. I got the frame from Michaels and it’s very easy to cover up and embellish.

This other frame was from the dollar store, and I covered it up with paper.

Finally, I wanted to share the wall heart-shaped photo display I put together. I prepared photo and paper squares of ~3 inches side and arranged them in a heart shape. I just love how this looks in our living room!

I hope you enjoyed all the anniversary inspiration this week!


The lovely new releases at The Lilypad this week prompted me to finally get this picture from last year scrapped! 🙂

May 2014 challenge freebie template by Amy Martin
Little Graduates by Kate Hadfield

I’m very happy to be nearing the week’s end.. this will be my last Saturday in class for the next three months and it feels good! 🙂

Anniversary Week – Day 3

{this is part of a series I wrote for You can find the full post here}

Welcome to Day 3 of this Anniversary Week! Today I will be sharing some inspiration for anniversary cards.

I find it especially meaningful to give a homemade card to celebrate the sweet milestone of an anniversary.

Some of the tips I shared on Day 1 still apply to cards. In particular, focusing on the numbers is always a nice way to build a card.

Here’s an example from me for our 6th anniversary.

For my in-laws’ 50th, I made a card that featured gold – the color of the 50th anniversary.

Finally, this is the card I made this year for my husband.

Come back tomorrow for some mini album inspiration!

Anniversary Week – Day 1

{this is part of a series I wrote for You can find the full post here}

Hello! Our theme for the week is Anniversaries. I figured this would be a fitting theme for this week, given that’s 5th anniversary is coming up, and it happens to be my wedding anniversary as well. 🙂

Throughout the week we’ll be talking about documenting anniversaries and relationships, how to scrap milestones, anniversary cards, mini albums, and ideas for anniversary gifts.

Documenting Anniversaries

Here are a few tips for your anniversary pages: focus on the photograph, feature the numbers, and tell a story.

Focus on the Photograph

This tip is simple enough: just let the photo speak. Here is my Second Anniversary page.

And here is our Third Anniversary.

Feature the Numbers

I also love to feature the anniversary number on my pages.

Can you spot the number 5 on my Fifth Anniversary page?

The numbers on my Sixth Anniversary page aren’t as subtle. 🙂

Tell A Story

Another tip is to add some journaling about your couple, or about what you did on your anniversary. For my Fourth Anniversary page, I wrote a couple sentences to document how we celebrated it.

Documenting Relationships

All these tips work not just for anniversary pages, but also to document relationships in a broader sense.

A Word About Taking Photos…

As you may have noted, all my anniversary pages feature photographs of my husband and me. But I don’t think I am the only one with a husband who hates being in photos.. am I? So I wanted to share a few tips on how to get those photos taken.

  1. Choose your camera wisely. My husband has a particular aversion to my D-SLR, while he is much more ready to take iPhone pictures. So I pick my battles and only insist on using the big camera when I feel it’s worth it.
  2. Be prepared. Whenever I want a photo with my D-SLR, I know I need to plan in advance, set up the tripod, etc. and have everything ready to snap quickly.
  3. Keep it light. Don’t expect to take 100 shots, one or two good ones will suffice.
  4. Set the mood. The best way to get some good pictures with my husband is to make him laugh. I remember a particularly tough photo session – I had my tripod set up, the cherry trees were in bloom, but he was in a lousy mood. But while I was taking a couple shots of him alone, he started taking a selfie, and I took a photo of him taking a selfie, and that made us laugh. After that, everything went smoothly and I got some great shots (check out my Sixth Anniversary page above for proof).
  5. Share/Motivate. Show him the previous photos you took and how you documented them, and perhaps he will be moved to take new photos. (Sadly, this one doesn’t work at all with my husband..)
  6. Bribe. If your husband is anything like mine, he’ll be open to posing for a few shots in exchange of something he wants – in our case, it’s usually a nice meal ;).

I hope you enjoyed these tips and the inspiration! Tomorrow we will be talking about how to scrap milestones!

Little One

I love the new collection by Digital Design Essentials! And it’s such a steal at $5.99!

The theme is babies, but it’s such a versatile collection! I used it for two cards.

These are very simple one layer cards, printed on matte photo paper.
Here’s a closer look at each card.

Little One Collection Bundle by Digital Design Essentials
Diamond Template by Catherine Davis
Little One Collection Bundle by Digital Design Essentials
For those of you celebrating Memorial Day, I hope you are having a lovely day! I certainly enjoyed the unofficial start of summer!


Ready for NSD?

Eeeek. It’s May. And National Scrapbooking day is tomorrow!! Do you have crafty plans? I have school meetings in the morning, but after that I plan to get crafty. Yay!

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pages from me. The first is for the May gallery. The theme was “everyday”.

Scrap Your Stash Sketch 5, Good Eats word art and Happy Place word art by Digital Design Essentials
Photobooth by Paislee Press
Fonts: American Typewriter, Castro Script, Silverfake

It was my first page with the oh-so-trendy pie chart, and I like how it turned out.

Next up, I had fun with creashens’ new kit! Oh, that pink+yellow combo has me smitten!

Keen by creashens
Wet Paint Alpha by CD Muckosky
The Damsel Series fonts by Heather Joyce and Valorie Wibbens

Happy NSD! Make sure to stop by at The Lilypad for all the fun games, and to kiss a certain frog… 😉