Project 52 Cards – First Month Done

Hard to believe January has come to an end already! Here are the cards from the past couple of weeks:

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 4

You can see the Week 4 card here.

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 5

You can see the Week 5 card here.

Moving forward, I have decided I will no longer “force” my husband to pose for pictures. My Project 52 Cards continues (we both enjoy it too much to stop! ;)), but I won’t have the weekly photos here on the blog.

After the excitement of a car accident I was involved in yesterday (not fun, I tell you! – but no major damage and no injuries, so at least that’s good), I am hoping for a more quiet rest of the week. I do have a busy schedule, though, and a very long list of things I want to scrap with this week! The February BYOC is coming out this Friday at The Lilypad and it’s absolutely delicious! In the meantime, make sure to stop by tomorrow for a huge collab.

Project 52 Cards – Another Year Begins

After completing my Project 52 Cards successfully in 2011 (I gave DH a card made by me every week of the year, and have pictures to prove it! 😉 ), I am continuing in 2012 as well. Here are the first 3 weeks’ worth of photos.

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 1

You can see the Week 1 card here. (I am counting Jan. 1 as one week in this case, unlike what I’m doing in my Project Life)

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 2

You can see the Week 2 card here.

P52 Cards/2012 - Week 3

You can see the Week 3 card here.

Happy Monday everyone! I haven’t finished my Week 2 of my Project Life yet – still have to print a couple photos for Saturday&Sunday, but it shouldn’t take long. 🙂 So look for it tomorrow!

Project 52 Cards – Year 1 Completed!

When I began this project in January of this year, I wasn’t quite sure I would bring it to completion, but it has been surprisingly easy to do it, in fact. For the whole of 2011, I have made and given a card to DH every single week. The toughest part was convincing him to pose for the pictures! 🙂 Here are the final 2 weeks.

P52 Cards - Week 51

You can see the Week 51 card here.

P52 Cards - Week 52

You can see the Week 52 card here (if you dare). (Incidentally, this photo depicts how tough it is to get DH to cooperate for pictures – on this occasion, I couldn’t get him to move to a better lighting position, so that’s all I got. I think it is quite fitting that I got a bad photo for the botched card. 😉 )

I am planning to continue this project in 2012 as well. I know DH looks forward to my weekly cards now, even though he doesn’t let it on. 🙂 My New Year’s card is ready to go! 😉

10 Days to Christmas!

Only 10 days to Christmas! I wish I could slow down this magical time of the year… There are so many things I’d like to do before Christmas! I am 95% caught up with my December Daily album (days 1-14 are done, except for journaling on a couple of pages and a couple of bits that I want to cut out with my Silhouette), but I haven’t had time to take pictures yet. I hope to get to that this Saturday. I am loving the smaller format of the album this year, but I am sad I haven’t had time to experiment with new techniques. Oh well, it’s still quite pretty in my eyes. 😉 I am leaving lots of space to photos, which makes it easy to put the album together. In the meantime, let me share the past 3 weeks of Project 52 Cards. Only 3 more weeks to go, I am really proud of myself for sticking to this project. 🙂

P52 Cards - Week 48

You can see the Week 48 card here.

P52 Cards - Week 49

You can see the Week 49 card here.

P52 Cards - Week 50

You can see the Week 50 card here.

Low on Cards!

I haven’t made cards in a few weeks, so on Sunday I had to make a new one to give to DH for my P52 Cards. 🙂

P52 Cards - Week 46

You can see the Week 46 card here.

And now I’d better get working on a card for this week! But it’s tough because I seem to be doing mostly Christmas stuff lately so I need to switch gears. 🙂

End of Year Projects

As the end of the year approaches, I have 1,000 ideas for projects, but so little time to make them happen! I am devoting most of my time to finishing my December Daily from last year. I’m actually enjoying editing all the photos, thanks to RadLab – I’m still using the free trial but it’s expiring soon and I think I will cave in and buy it. It has really made editing more fun and easier for me, so it’s worth it. I have not been in a hybrid mood at all lately, but I need to get some cards done because my stash is low and I need a card for this week for my Project 52 Cards! Here are the past couple of weeks’ photos.

P52 Cards - Week 44

You can see the Week 44 card here.

P52 Cards - Week 45

You can see the Week 45 card here.

I am still undecided whether to do December Daily this year or not. I do not have the energy for doing a full hybrid album like I did last year, when I put my Silhouette to good use :), but on the plus side I think I’d have more chances of completing it sooner this year, since we won’t be traveling.

I have also decided to do Project Life. It’s a P365 concept, but with a physical album – I love the idea of having a place to store all the little bits and pieces. I’m a bit worried about keeping up with the photo printing, but I am really hoping to make it work for me. I might start it in December, if I skip the Dec. Daily this year, or wait till January when things calm down.

On the digital side, I am still trying to get my mom’s last visit’s album finished, but still have a ways to go. I have about 45 pages done and I think I need at least 10 more. I really want to finish it before she arrives, but that leaves me only 2 weeks, and adding that to the December Daily makes it unrealistic for me to get it done. But  I’ll try my best!