One foil sheet, four cards

Well hello, long time no see! But I am alive and well, so I thought I’d pop by and share what I’ve been creating lately. I have been loving hot foil stamping and watercoloring, and I recently made these four cards from one single piece of foil.

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I love how they turned out! They all use the Heart Grid hot foil plate from Pinkfresh Studio {, A Cherry on Top, or}, Aura foil from Spellbinders {}, and the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil Plate – Mini Everyday Sentiments { or}. To use up the negative foil, I used the solid hot foil plate from Pinkfresh {, A Cherry on Top, or}, which is a total game changer. I have the Glimmer Hot Foil System by Spellbinders { or} and it works great.

The first two cards were made by foiling the Heart Grid and then die cutting a heart out.

For this first card, which is for my Dad’s birthday, I used the Happy Day! stamp { or} and die { or} from Colorado Craft Company, which I colored with Daniel Smith watercolors.

The second card uses the Birdbath stamp { or} and die { or} from Colorado Craft Company. I colored the scene using Daniel Smith watercolors.

The other two cards were made by salvaging the negative foil and foiling it with the solid plate. The floral bits were cut out from the Floral Harmony die by Pinkfresh Studio.

What techniques have you been enjoying lately? I have been meaning to pull out my alcohol markers next, since I’ve been watercoloring almost exclusively for too long. 🙂

April BYOC at The Lilypad

I have fallen waaaay behind on blogging, but I thought I’d pop back in to share a few pages I made with the April BYOC from The Lilypad, since it was so inspiring, and I loved using it.


Captivated | Templates and Captivated | Elements by Pink Reptile Designs

Now is the Time Paper Pack and Now is the Time elements by Lynn Grieveson Designs

Homebound Houses by Amy Wolff


Now is the Time Paper Pack and Now is the Time elements by Lynn Grieveson Designs

Captivated | Elements by Pink Reptile Designs


Captivated | Templates and Captivated | Elements by Pink Reptile Designs

Homebody Papers, Homebody Elements and Homebody Stamps by Sahin Designs

Color Washed by Michelin Lincoln

Homebound Houses by Amy Wolff

This last page was also featured in the Gallery Standouts blog!
How are you holding up in these difficult times? I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Document Your December at The Lilypad

I wrote this post for this’ year’s Document Your December at The Lilypad. Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links to Amazon where I purchased many of my supplies (I purchased them all at full price, but if you use my links I’ll get a small commission towards future purchases).


I have been making a December Daily album since 2010, and have always mixed in hybrid and physical products. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many different sizes and systems, and I’d love to share my experience with you! Of all the projects I’ve embarked in, this is definitely my favorite and that’s why I’ve kept at it for close to ten years now.

Here are the eight albums I’ve completed so far, 2010-2017.

Yes… I am a year behind! And that’s OK. Most of the years I complete my album in December / early January, but for the past couple years I’ve ended up putting together the album almost one year after the fact. But I always get it done, because of how precious these albums are to me.

Getting started…

If you haven’t done any hybrid projects, I recommend you warm yourself up to this month-long project by making some cards first. But be forewarned… it’s how I got into hybrid myself, and it’s a slippery slope! 😀

First of all, figure out if you want to outsource your printing, or if you want to print at home. The latter is what works best for me, as I like to get things done in one sitting (i.e., design on my computer, print it out, and put it together). I use a Canon Pixma printer. It has a letter sized paper tray, as well as a smaller tray that fits 4″x6″ paper, which is super handy!

Essentials supplies include: printed digital designs and photos, scissors or trimmer, a ruler, and your adhesive of choice. I use a Fiskars Procision trimmer, as well as a Tonic Studios mini guillotine, and Tonic Studios Tim Holtz scissors for cutting. My Tim Holtz ruler is my favorite since it’s clear. For adhesives, I love Gunglider pro tape for larger things, and a glue pen for small embellishments and sequins.

Gather other supplies you may want to use, which can include physical scrapbooking products, stamps, paint, washi tape, cutting machines, sequins, glitter… the sky’s the limit!

TIP #1: Find the process that works for you

There are 3 options: 1) prepare your foundation pages ahead of time; 2) work as you go, in December; 3) put together the album after the fact. I’ve done all three, and that has helped me figure out my preference.

In 2010, my first year, I made the album in advance, since I knew I’d be traveling for most of the month. I used a 6”x4” ring binder, and used my digital cutting machine to add fun borders to the pages. However, since I was traveling, I didn’t have a chance to put together the album until after my trip. This experience taught me that options 2 and 3 are more suited to my style (I like to match each page with the day’s photos).

TIP #2: Choose the format that works for you

I have tried many formats over the years, because I like to switch things up.

I have used ring albums, either by making the pages myself, or by using page protectors. And I have also made some albums from scratch.

Here are a few examples of all of these options. In 2010 I used a ring album, and made my own base pages. In 2011, I made my album from scratch (this is still a favorite out of all the albums I’ve made!), and in 2012 & 2013 I used ring albums with page protectors.

Having a set format with page protectors helps me speed things up. It is also very easy to use the 3”x4” and 4”x6” journal cards from the Document Your December products.

TIP #3: Choose the layout

Do you want to dedicate a single page to each day of December, or an entire spread, or just base it on what content you have for the day? … this brings us to my next tip.

TIP #4: Choose the content that you want to include

Everything that happens in December, or only holiday events? I have decided to only include holiday related events my albums.

TIP #5: Make it cohesive

You may want to stick to a particular color scheme throughout your album. Monochromatic albums always have a striking effect. In 2016, I made my album using a black traveler’s notebook, with metallic accents throughout, and adding a touch of color with printed digital designs.

But overall, while I admire the classic elegance of albums with a cohesive color scheme, I usually end up mixing different colors throughout the album. If you prefer to switch things up like me, you can add a common element throughout the album, such as a date element, to give continuity.

In my 2017 album, I used the December Days No 4 (Numbers) by Sahlin Studio throughout, and applied the DYD 2018 | Glitter Styles by Mommy-ish to change the color to match each page.

Whatever your preference may be, the best part is that the Document Your December products will make it possible for you to fit any theme you choose!

TIP #6: Add memorabilia!

One of my favorite aspects of making a hybrid album, in addition to the customizability, is that you can add memorabilia in your album! I’ve saved holiday themed paper supplies, gift wrap, and paper coffee cups to add into my albums.

This is an example of how I included a paper bag and pieces cut out from a coffee cup in my 2015 album.

TIP #7: Embellish!

The fun part is to add physical embellishments to add interest to your pages.

And don’t forget to decorate the cover and spine of your album!

OK, now that we’ve covered the basics, I’d like to show you what I have started putting together with the newest Document Your December supplies.

I decided to use a small 4”x4” ring binder that I purchased years ago. I also have acetate numbers to go with it, and I measured them to figure out the size of my digitals.

Since I love incorporating different textures in my albums, I printed a few designs from The First Sign – Kit by The Committed Crafter and from the Lumi Collection by Lynn Grieveson onto vellum paper. (Note: when printing onto vellum, make sure to use the vellum setting on your printer, or use the quick draft option).

I used an 8.5”x11” sheet of vellum so I also used some older DYD pieces to fill up the whole page.

Here you can see my Fiskars Procision trimmer in action. I love it! And it also folds up to half size if you are cutting smaller things, or for storage.



New at The Lilypad

Well hello there! I haven’t been posting on my blog in a while (oops), but I have been steadily making scrapbook pages, so I thought I’d pop back in and share a couple of the latest. I also have some December Daily albums to share in preparation for this year’s Document Your December release at The Lilypad, coming this Friday!


Sound Waves 12×12 Template by paislee press

Wander & Explore: Bundle by Rachel Jefferies

New Orleans word art from Project Mouse (New Orleans): BUNDLE by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs


Autumn Stories | Kit and Autumn Stories | Journal Cards by Sahlin Studio

I was honored with a Gallery Standout for this page, which prompted me to start blogging again. 🙂 I’m excited for the holiday season to start, and the end of the year. Drop me a note if you are still reading, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

July BYOC at The Lilypad

Hello! I was traveling for 3/4 of June, but I am back with lots of photos to scrap! Here are a couple of pages I made using the newest BYOC collection at The Lilypad:


Citron: Miscellaneous Mixed MediaCitron: Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies



Citron: Mixed Media CollagesCitron: Miscellaneous Mixed MediaCitron: Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies

Paradise | Elements | Designed by Soco

artCrush No17 {Loops & Word Arts} by NBK Design

Thank goodness for the long holiday weekend to catch up on things around the house! 🙂 How are you spending your weekend?

In My Purse

I have been on a makeup kick lately and I’m having so much fun playing with new makeup! I made this page using this kit that is 50% off right now at The Lilypad to document my latest obsession.

Inside Your Purse { collab kit} by Little Butterfly Wings and Studio Basic — 50% off on March 6!

What have you been into lately?

Hello March

Hello, and happy March! Things have been a bit of a whirlwind here lately. It feels like spring is in the air, but then we got slammed with another 8″ of snow, so I have to be patient. I love snow in fact, but I can’t wait to plant a few flowers in our yard, and enjoy our patio. I have a bunch of trips coming up, all work related, but I will be able to add a few days here and there for sightseeing. The other big thing coming up is my mom’s surgery. They had scheduled her for this week, and she spent the whole day at the hospital, but in the end they sent her back home without operating because they were our of beds! Ugh, such bad luck! Hopefully next time works out and everything goes smoothly. I’m a nervous wreck! Just hoping I can get my act together and get everything done before I leave, which is a lot!

But enough about me… March is here, and the BYOC collection at The Lilypad is a stunner! Here’s a page I made with it:

Reminisce PapersReminisce Elements and Reminisce Stamps by Sahin Designs

TGIF! Have a great weekend!