Almost There

I’m excited for the weekend to get here, or actually even just Friday, because I have quite a few pages to share with new releases. 😉 In the meantime, here are the past couple of weeks for my Project 52 Cards. Two weeks ago DH and I celebrated our wedding anniversary:

P52 Cards - Week 22

You can see the Week 22 card here.

Last week I gave him the latest card I’d made. It’s actually a postcard and not a card (meaning that it doesn’t open up) because I used a scrap of paper to print it out, and I quite like this format! DH said he liked it to (that’s a first!), so I might be doing more.

P52 Cards - Week 23

You can see the Week 23 card here.

I have a TON of pages to share tomorrow, so make sure you stop by! 😉

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