Wibbit Wednesday

I am having SO much fun with my guest spot at The Lilypad. It’s been a week already and I’ve been averaging one page per day. Here’s my latest pages:

Mom's Visit Day 2: Ooooops

At the end of a very long day of shopping, we were browsing the Anthropologie store, one of my favorites spots on earth to spend an hour or two. We tried a few things on, and eventually picked a few things to buy. The store was about to close so we stood in line waiting for a register to check us out. Then finally last customer was done, but as I moved to let her pass… CRASH! My bag got caught into the baubles on display and a couple of little ceramic places fell. Got smashed. I wanted to disappear!! But the store gals were so nice about it: one of them immediately appeared with a broom and picked up the broken pieces in no time. We bought a hefty bag of stuff and were happy. I am still ashamed about it if I think about it, but I can survive. The most hilarious part of this story is that the display I bumped into said “SALE Items: here today, gone tomorrow” – and I certainly made sure they would be “gone tomorrow”!


These great Waterplay masks are on sale today for Wibbit Wednesday! They are super fun to use as masks for photographs or as brushes! This next page is my most recent favorite. I just love the bold doodled background and the alphas!

Mom's Visit Day 2: Everyone's Favorite

The creme brulee at the Bonefish Grill is always worth the trip!

Photo strip from Vintage Carnival by Sahlin Studio and Jenn Barrette
Font: Pea Pumpkin Peters

I have now completed two days of my mom’s trip. Slowly but surely! 🙂

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