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OK, so last week I applied for a spot on the DigiChick’s CT. Because I love the place, I’m pretty active there, and really wanted to be part of the team.
But on Monday I found out I was not picked and I felt sooooooooo bummed.. I know I’m not the best scrapper out there, but it really would have meant a lot to be picked, because I really feel part of the community there. I realize the competition must have been fierce, but that certainly does not sweeten the rejection.
Anyway, that evening I bought a couple of lovely bits ‘n pieces by Kaye Winiecki and used them right away to make a page. This page just came together in no time, and I love it.

Cottage Garden and Coloured In alpha by Kaye Winiecki
Font: Bank Gothic

And today, this page was featured in the Gallery Standouts blog!!!!!! It’s my first ever GSO (I hope it’s not the last! LOL) and I’m just content now! 😀 I feel like a grown up scrapper. 🙂 I know I shouldn’t care about praises much, and in a sense I don’t because I’m just happy with how I scrap, but boy, does it feel good to see my page there! 😉

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