Online TV Shows

We don’t have a TV (and that is a real bummer now that the Olympics are on!!!!! 🙁 ) but we have lots of fun watching online TV shows.
Our longtime favorite is Dancing with the Stars. We’ve watched a couple of seasons of the Italian edition and this year we watched the American version for the first time. We were amazed at the level of dancing in the show!!! There’s no comparison at all with the Italian version, the dancers were much much better in the US.
Another fun show we watched is I Survived a Japanese Game Show, a really crazy show with crazy games.
But the weirdest of all, and the one we’re watching now, is Wipeout. 24 players get down to 1 who wins $50k through an incredible series of hilarious game. A real fun, no-brainer show to watch!
As we wait for another month to go by before Desperate Housewives comes back. 🙂

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