Fight Song

One of the things I love the most about scrapbooking, other than it gives me a chance to be creative and play with pretty paper, is that it makes me slow down and reflect on what are the things that really matter in my life. These past few weeks have been rough at work as I am waiting for some big news that has been delayed by over a month now. I am trying to cope with the uncertainty the best I can, but the stress has spilled into my whole life. Which is not good. So I made this page, to incite myself to keep going.

This is a hybrid page. I printed the text of the song (using the High Jump font by Amy Martin) and the “jump in” brush from Ali Edwards on a patterned background, then I added all the embellishments.

It’s funny, I usually am not inspired to use lyrics on my pages.. but this time it was just the perfect jumpstart for this page.

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