Summer Favorites

I’m up on the blog today with a post on capturing your favorite summer moments. Check it out!

Somehow, each year the summer months fly by at an incredible speed for me. This year was no exception; in fact – if possible – summer went by even faster than usual! I always have so many plans for fun things to do, but then our busy lives take over and many of these things never happen. The end of summer always feels bittersweet to me.

Reality check

Sometimes – especially now as the summer days on the calendar dwindle down to a few – I find myself regretting that we have done so little this summer. But in reality, we haven’t done little at all – it just feels that way because there was so much more I wanted to do. I need to remind myself that there have been many happy moments and each one of them was special. One way I like to keep track of the summer occurrences and give them the relevance they deserve is by making summary pages.

Summer Recap

On my summer recap pages, I like to select a few photographs that I love and include some journaling to capture those highlights.

Summer Fun by Mari Koegelenberg and Heather Roselli
Font: FG Jeana

For this layout, I used the digital kit Summer Fun by Mari Koegelenberg and Heather Roselli, and FG Jeana font for my journaling, which reads: “Each year, I have high hopes for a relaxing summer – this never happens, but I can honestly say this year beats them all. This has been the busiest summer of my life, by far. Yet, I am caught up in all these tight work deadlines, I want to make sure I savor the little things that are so special. So much to be grateful for.”

It makes me so happy to see all these moments together. I like to do these summary pages throughout the summer, and even more so towards the end of the summer, to capture those fleeting moments. What are your tricks to capture your summer memories?

Did you do a summer bucket list? I didn’t, but I do have a couple of things I am planning to do before the summer is over. 🙂

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