Oh my goodness, I haven’t posted on my blog in almost a month! This goes to show how busy I’ve been lately… 🙁 To top it off, I was in the office until midnight last night. Yes, midnight!! 🙁 But I still managed to squeeze in a little time earlier in the week to play with Sahlin Studio’s latest collab, Fresh:

Isn’t it just gorgeous?? I lately got a new desk for my crafts, and I tried it out for the first time working on this card. I also used my Silhouette, since with the new arrangement it is much easier to turn it on and connect it to my computer. So expect to see plenty of cut out goodness in the future! 😉

Fresh card 
Fresh by Sahlin Studio and One Little Bird
Vintage Labels: Sweet Sips by Sahlin Studio

So while the design and cutting of this card went very fast, what took me the longest was actually putting the card together: there’s lots of layering so at some point I felt like I needed an extra hand. 😉

Fresh card 

Have a great weekend!

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