More Elf Pictures

As the days pass, our elf is showing more and more his mischievous side! 🙂

Oh my goodness, Jingle Ginger started raiding the gifts under the tree!! He picked this one that happened to be An Elf’s Story… 🙂

Day 12

He spent the day watching his movie!

Day 13

Look at what our naughty elf did next!! He wrapped up the Christmas tree with toilet paper! 😉

Day 14

(note: it is really challenging to wrap up such a big tree on your own! And it took me a whole roll to cover it up – way more than I expected! 😉 But it looked really pretty! 🙂 )
Today he wrote his name in our Christmas carols book!!

Day 15

I’m starting to run out of ideas here! 🙂 Most of the ideas I have take too much time to do in the morning, so it’s getting complicated… It’s great to have a couple of quick backup ideas to do on days on which you are rushed – the last one above was precisely that. I’d photocopied the book last week, and just kept it ready.

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