Yay for Fridays!

Are you ready for another Friday of gorgeous new releases at The Lilypad? I admit I have gone a bit overboard this week, and I have a ton of new goodies to share with you today! 🙂 But you’ll soon find out why I couldn’t resist creating with all these products – they’re too gorgeous to pass! First off, this amazing store collab:

It is obviously perfect for school-themed pages, but it’s also an overall awesome (and huge!!) kit well suited to scrap just about anything. Here’s my first page with it:

Where to Next?

Wicked Smart collab by The Lilypad designers

And yes, that awesome brush alpha by CD Muckosky is included in the collab! 😉 If you like this page, you might want to check out these quick pages because I have turned it into a quick page! There are also a bunch of fabulous add ons in the store today that coordinate beautifully with the collab, such as these:

So of course I had to make another page. 😉

Birthday Burger

Wicked Smart collab by The Lilypad designers
Elementary My Dear by Amy Martin
Bubblies 2 by Lauren Reid

I am so in love with this page! 😉 Next, these awesome ABC products by Valorie Wibbens:

and a couple of very cool alphas

that I combined to make yet another birthday page. 🙂

Birthday Gifts 2011 (2)

Now I Know My ABC’s papers and My ABC Stickers by Valorie Wibbens
Drawn Out by Sahlin Studio
News to Me Alphabet by Rachel Young
Circle Sticker Alpha by Emily Merritt
Font:The Typewriter by Heather Hess

Then, there’s a gem of a kit by Sara Gleason. This kit is so unique and fantastic! The elements are all handmade and they look so dimensional!

And there’s also a very convenient super template bundle pack by Amy Martin. You can’t go wrong with her templates!

And here is what I did with them:

Me You=Fun

We were out enjoying the weather and grilling, and you took a half dozen shots of us. None turned out well, but I like this shot anyway. 🙂

Apple Tree by Sara Gleason
Hodgity Podgity 15 by Amy Martin, also included in the Huge Mega Template Bundle 2
Font: The Typewriter by Heather Hess and First Day of School by Heather Hess from the Wicked Smart collab by The Lilypad designers

Then there is this totally fun kit and alphas by The Tattered Pear:

and these gorgeous embellishments (again, they are add ons to the Wicked Smart collab, but they go well with practically anything!):

I used them to make this crazy page. 😉 Not my usual style, but this story begged to be told this way! 🙂

Here You Go

My mom sends me a card twice a year: on my birthday, and on my name day (July 24th). This year, come July 22nd, DH goes out to pick up the mail as usual, and then comes over to me with a big smile, handing me an envelope. “Here you go!” It was for me, from my mom. Putting 2 and 2 together, it was obvious that it was my mom’s card, but once again DH didn’t even remember what occasion it was for, and didn’t think it would have been nice to hide it for me until the 24th! Why do we always have to tell them everything?!? This was the face he made when I told him it was my name day card. 🙂 Be sure that by the time my birthday card arrived in the mail, this time he remembered to keep it hidden!

Sass Mouth and Sass Mouth Alpha by The Tattered Pearl
Stacked Circles by Kelly Schmidt
Font: The Typewriter by Heather Hess

Finally, this fabulous kit by Kaye Winiecki

was just perfect to make a birthday card for my grandmother, since Little Red Riding Hood was the one and only story I had her tell me over and over again! 😉 So I fired up my Silhouette to make this:

Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Card

Down in the Woods and Cherry Pop alpha by Kaye Winiecki

That glitter took forever to dry, but I think it added the perfect touch! 😉

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