So Many Projects, So Little Time

I never seem to post these on time, but I have been doing very well in my Project 52 Cards. So here’s the past three weeks.

P52 Cards - Week 11

You can see the Week 11 card here. I made a thank you card because DH organized the perfect romantic weekend: gorgeous hotel, spa, shopping spree, and even a totally unexpected gift (a necklace)! It was just lovely!

For last week, I made him a Bunny Spring card. Actually, we were at the grocery store and he was about to buy an expensive card to send to a friend of his, so I told him I’d make one instead. I asked him what to put on it, and he said he wanted bunnies – which worked out just right because I was using a bunny kit on another project. I told him I needed a sentiment so he picked one. And then of course after making a flat version to be mailed to his friend, I also made a prettier one (i.e., dimensional) for DH. šŸ™‚

P52 Cards - Week 12

You can see the Week 12 card here. It was my first time making an accordion flower. I love how this looks, but it was a bit of a pain to put it together, since I don’t own a glue gun. So I made do with glossy accents, and lots of patience. šŸ™‚ But it turned out really cute!

Finally, I gave him this week’s card last night when he came back home after a 3 day trip.

P52 Cards - Week 13

You can see the Week 13 card here. I am in love with this little card!

Being all caught up with this P52 Cards project makes me feel even worse about my P365. I only have 8 weeks scrapped so far, so this means I have 4 weeks plus the current one still to scrap. I really need to make this a priority, or I’ll never catch up!

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