Mac n Cheese

Amy Sumrall has teamed up with Valorie Wibbens (the latest addition at the LilyPad!) to create a cheesy, super fun kit, Mac n Cheese:

It’s really a versatile kit and I found it so romantic!! Here’s the page I was inspired to scrap (finally putting some of the hundreds of food pics I shoot to good use! 😉 ):

I have quite a busy day ahead, but I’m really glad it’s Friday!! The weekend is near and I cannot wait to go out and shoot some pictures for my photography class. 🙂
Last night DH and I went to see a Cirque du Soleil show and it was phenomenal!!!!!! Too bad that no pictures are allowed, but I still want to scrap 1 or 2 pages to record the experience. I’ll have to do some searching for what elements to use!

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