Christmas is near so it’s definitely time to work on my Christmas gifts. I decided a few months ago that I would prepare a calendar for our parents and my grandmother, so I can give them something that I really like, done by me especially for them, and I can even have fun in the process of creating it! I will have it printed so I only have to prepare the figures I want for each month.

Until today, I’d been stalling because I couldn’t really imagine what I wanted the calendar to look like.
But now, I finally figured it out: each month will have a LO with a picture of us (so both our families will be pleased! 🙂 ). I’ve already found 7 LOs that can work and made the assignments to months.
But that left me with 5 months still to do, and not very many decent pictures of us (I already scrapped the best, and I only want to use pictures taken in the last year or so..). Anyway, now the goal is near and I feel it will be ready soon. I’m actually liking it very much!!

Tonight I realized I needed a page for the month of December, so I pulled up last year’s pictures and I sadly discovered that there is only one of me and DH together, and it’s out of focus! :-/
So I tweaked the picture a little, kept it smallish, and did a LO I’m *very* pleased with. (While I was at it :), I did it for the template challenge at Scrapmatters – we also had to journal at least 5 sentences).
Here it is:


Template by Jeni Hopewell

Christmas Future kit by Linda Cumberland

Glittery stars and hearts (recolored) from About A Girl by Scrap’It Designs by Brianna Cox

Pinned and Dated (recolored) by Fei-Fei’s Stuff

Font: My Own Topher

Of course, there is no journaling on the version that goes in the calendar, only a pretty alpha writing “December”.
8 months done, 4 to go! 🙂
This week we’ve had quite some snow, and cold weather: winter is finally here. I love snow and I had forgotten how beautiful it is at night when there is so much light because of the snow. I really love to live here!

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