Operation Spruce

After spending yesterday at Letchworth State Park (loved it!!) today we went and bought a baby blue spruce to plant in our garden.

I’ve wanted this for a couple months now, and we finally went to get it today.
We chose the smallest (and cutest of course) of all the ones for sale
and as soon as we got home, we were very, very glad we did that!! In fact, the people at the nursery put the spruce in our car, but once we got home, we discovered it was awfully heavy!! In fact, my husband and I together could not lift it, and resorted to roll it over the grass to the designated spot.
After digging for almost 2 hours, with me getting really dizzy because of the sun, we finally managed it and achieved this:
We’re SO happy with the result!! It was a harder job than we expected, but totally worth it!
Now we’re almost ready for Christmas! 🙂
(In case you were wondering… The 3rd day is now over and my Mac is not ready yet.. And it should have taken “a couple days”…)

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